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The World’s First Family Robot, $499

Social Robot for the Home 2014

  A smartphone or tablet feature high on your holiday list this year? How about a robot instead?  

JIBO, family robot

JIBO, family robot

  Roomba hunts dust bunnies. Autom helps you shed pounds.

Price: $499?

multi-purpose robot

multi-purpose robot

  But Jibo wants to be the first multi-purpose robot for your home — a countertop assistant that can snap family photos, remind you of the day’s schedule, relay messages, entertain children with interactive stories, and facilitate videoconferences. The $499 product is being unveiled today, but won’t be available until late in 2015.


  Meet Jibo: the world’s first family robot | Social Robot for the Home 2014 Jibo Social Robot Poised To Become Part Of The Family Jibo Wants to Be the World’s First Family Robot Social robots..

  See what JIBO can do, and how he can fit in and is helpful in all sorts of families and in many different situations. 


Friendly, helpful and intelligent

Friendly, helpful and intelligent

  Based from the Internet information,  Jibo the robot runs on a Linux-based operating system, and outside software developers will be able to use JavaScript to build new applications for it. (A developer’s kit is available for $599.) It is said that developers will be able to easily tap into Jibo’s facial recognition capabilities or its ability to track moving objects to create games or productivity apps. One example from Jibo’s demo video is recognizing you when you come home, asking if you’d like to get dinner delivered, and then sending in your usual order.

Hello from JIBO

Hello from JIBO

  Some people prdict that, Jibo eventually plugging in to connected homes to manage security and energy usage, and to healthcare devices like scales, glucometers, and Fitbits.

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