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  Today, our morobots blog is showing 24 usual summary or comments for this new intelligent key management equipment.

key management equipment

key management equipment

  • 1, intelligent key cabinet management system using B / S frame structure design, to achieve LAN monitoring, hierarchical rights management, designated personnel to enter the control platform designated authority, within the specified authority to operate, so that the whole system more stable and safe.
  • 2, for each key implantation RFID electronic ID information, ID card management, real-time monitoring of the use of record key information, greatly improving the accuracy and stability of the data.
  • 3, intelligent key cabinet can be placed on the wrong key alarm function, the alarm is divided into cabinet LED digital tube dislocation warning reminder, the software interface dislocation display reminder, voice alarm tips.
  • 4, intelligent key cabinet can be remote real-time allocation of designated personnel to open the specified category, specify the use of the key cabinet permissions. Intelligent key cabinet key access authentication using fingerprint, password, credit card and other identification methods, can effectively prevent the use of illegal use of key events; not through the normal certification process, can not open the door and remove the key.
  • 5, the key management system through TCP / IP can remotely manage and control the smart key cabinet. Through the software and hardware with the interaction, automatically generate the use of key statements.
  • 6, intelligent key cabinet management capacity up to 9999, to deal with not less than 1000 user information, the key to the authorized key management, the use of each key information to establish intelligent electronic files, a detailed record of the XX, XX time, borrow (return), XX key and the time of the photo and video monitoring information, and automatically generate the use of the key records; to solve the key management of the accident caused by a variety of accidents.
  • 7, the scene is equipped with industrial control computer, the state of the return of the key to use the LED display, full voice broadcast tips.
  • 8, in the host computer to retrieve the key name or key number, the key inside the cabinet LED digital tube automatic sound and light alarm, easy to find the need to use the key position.
  • 9, intelligent key cabinet with alarm function, when the illegal open the door and illegally take the key, or overtime to return the key, the system issued an alarm.
  • 10, the system uses three levels of authority management, in an emergency situation, the administrator’s key authority can open all the doors.
  • 11, can manage all the relevant information management personnel, including: management of the name, gender, age (date of birth),Duties, fingerprint information, the number of key management; with fingerprint information collection, memory, identification function;
  • 12, an operator can manage more keys, a key can be more than the operator management;
  • 13, intelligent key cabinet can be based on multiple time periods were granted different operators different permissions; can extract the key and return time to limit.
  • 14, the system of all operations to record, with the search, print function; according to the key, the user or the time to produce different reports; can press the key, user, warning or date to view the report;
  • 15, in the emergency state to release all the keys, including: fire, emergency combat readiness, and another smart cabinet emergency emergency door locks;
  • 16, intelligent key cabinet with security door lock: only authorized users can open, when the key cabinet is forced to open when the alarm will be issued;
  • 17, the system will issue an alarm when the key is overdue, the key is forcibly removed, the door is not properly closed, the wrong input or insert the key.
  • 18, intelligent key cabinet with a light LCD screen, a Chinese and character buttons; LCD screen can be displayed in the form of key and key location information data;
  • 19, intelligent key cabinet backup battery available for more than 8 hours, and when the system for a long time power failure, lithium battery can still keep memory;
  • 20, both inside and outside the box can be connected to the data line, with a printer and computer connected to the data cable interface;
  • 21, intelligent key chain to provide a variety of color key chain, the key to stainless steel ring connection key chain, smart key ring embedded in RFID electronic identity tags, no contact to identify the key electronic identification information.
  • 22, the system automatically records all the operation information, the host can store not less than 100,000 records, in the machine memory close to the capacity automatically prompts to download; can automatically download the record data;
  • 23, the system can be in the absence of computer assistance in the case of independent operation, a variety of functional operations, and save the record information;
  • 24, intelligent key cabinet management system equipped with key chain, available for string hanging key, easy to carry at the same time use more keys.

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