Intelligent Storage Choice.

Advantages of the intelligent key cabinet

What is a smart key?

  Electronic tag identification technology, with the usual use of ordinary keys sealed by a one-time seal firmly fixed together into a smart key with a smart key.

What is the key intelligent management system?

  Application of simple and flexible RFID radio frequency capture technology for intelligent management of keys and items through industry proven solutions, widely recognized in the world widely used.

Key intelligent management cabinet system components

Intelligent key management system in actual use

Intelligent key management system in actual use

Five parts:

  1. Intelligent key cabinet body
    Intelligent Key Cabinet with steel and a rugged shell intelligent control system can be the same as the safe key to ensure safety;
  2. RFID Smart Key:
    Intelligent key plug to be built-in unique RFID radio frequency induction smart chip can have a memory key to the storage function. And the key to be managed by a one-time lead into the smart key on the bolt, it can not be removed, so as to ensure that the key is not replaced, such as to replace the smart button inside, you must use special tools to destroy seals to ensure the safety of the key ;
  3. Intelligent control module:
    Intelligent control module from the independent CPU, flash memory, RF induction coil, electric locks and other components composed of locks. Mainly used to identify the electronic label, drive through the verification drive after the lock work, and record the work of each data;
  4. Intelligent control terminal:
    Intelligent control terminal using Chinese liquid crystal display (name, key name, working status, etc.), waterproof touch keyboard involved. With fingerprint, password, fingerprint (using high-end living fingerprint module) three kinds of identification methods, in particular, fingerprint technology is used in vivo biometric fingerprint collection device. Single certification free combination.
  5. Management software:
    Powerful Chinese key management software can not only save and manage the key and user, but also can operate the key system, so that when the field device is not conducive to use, you can also choose to retrieve the key by remote means operating.

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